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Payroll & CIS


Our offered Payroll services are: Monthly/weekly payroll services, P45, P46, P38(S), P14/P60/P35 End of year processing, P11D, etc. Emilia Accountancy Ltd is an accounting firm, dedicated to offer you fully custom Payroll services for your business, at the lowest prices.

We truly believe that employees are the most important asset of a company. By paying them precisely and quickly, you are ensuring them a motivating and productive workplace.

Construction Industry Scheme is a system created by HM Revenue & Customs specially for contractor and subcontractor taxes. Through a CIS Return all your employed subcontractors are declared, verified and paid for. We are offering you the CIS Return service at the most advantageous price!

For small employers and contractors, administrating and managing the Payroll & CIS department can be very expensive and complex, especially after the introduction of RTI. RTI means that employers will send information to the HMRC before paying their employees! Any error that an employer might make can lead to him facing penalties.