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Other Services / Miscellaneous


Emilia Accountancy Ltd can guide you to complete forms for various benefits offered by the United Kingdom government to people facing financial problems.

In order to request any service offered by us or if you wish to find out more information regarding any of our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking here.

These benefits include: Child Benefit, Working & Child Tax Credit, Housing Benefit, Employment Allowance, DLA, PIP etc.

We can be your link to the HMRC in case of fiscal investigations, fines, and any other problem that may present.

Other services:

·        Elaborating a business plan in order to obtain a bank credit;

·        Insurance Number Appointment;

·        Licence Change;

·        CV Wording;

·        Equivalence of studies;

·        DBS (record);

·        Opening a personal / business bank account.